So much more than just your outfits aids to what the color palette of your photos look like; from the location, the time of day, the weather, to what film stock I use if shooting film (although unless you've talked about wanting a certain vibe I always use a clean classic film stock) -- this isn't meant to overwhelm you, but rather broaden your idea of color and loosen the rigidity of a color pallets when planning sessions. I love sessions, especially family sessions, with a few soft neutral tones playing together + a few bright primary or secondary colors as accents to set it off.

Speaking of film stocks --

Lomo 160 can be especially nice with a sunny day and some pops of bright color, whereas bright sun can make Portra 400 look washed out and dull.

Portra 400 shines with flash work, soft cloudy light, or golden hour settings.

Portra 160 can sometimes be amazing to lean into the cloudy day as well -- especially if you want muted neutral tones, or soft greens & browns.

And I've recently become a huge fan of fugifilm 200, which I had never thought to use professionally before -- but it has a crispness and truness in its tone that is refreshing & feels very summery.

If there's a particular session you love the tones of let me know and I can recommend location/time of day/film stock etc to best replicate those results -- but most importantly, embrace your session; and the imperfect imperfections. Maybe it's a drizzly day and your toddler is in her pink princess rain jacket instead of the color coordinated dress you had picked out -- but the important thing is you're happy, you're playing, and we're capturing the moment for you to remember.