Nicole + Migen


This was a true dream of an engagement session, I had so much fun creating with these two and bringing this vision to life. The owner of the Troubadour Wine Bar, Brian, was so gracious to meet us before they opened so we could have free reign of the space, and be sure to keep an eye out for him on the next season of Love is Blind, if you can believe it! I definitely need to go back when they're open, as it sounded like they have live music every night and there were definitely more wines I'd love to try (although we did get to sample two!) Minneapolis St. Paul is one of my favorite areas to visit for work and I'm sure I'll be back to shoot another engagement session soon enough.

I also got to test out my (new to me) Contax G2 film camera, and while it's definitely got a bit of a cult following at the moment I think it's worth the hype. I also used my Canon V1 for the last few film images, let me know which you prefer!

I got to drop my film off in person to Basement Labs in Minneapolis while I was in town and had such a good experience working with them, I'll definitely be mailing my film their way from now on!